Security & Compliance


Global Payout is committed to protecting all clients including compliance information and access to their deposits within the ISBC financial network. Security is designed and built into the ISBC systems and the personnel who are hired and trained by our leadership team.

Compliance and Due Diligence (Anti-Money Laundering Controls)

Global Payout conducts a thorough due diligence review on all customers (enterprise companies) and partner providers in order to make sure that the reserve deposits and transactions are within legal guidelines. In fact, Global will not allow initial deposits or trade transactions to be made unless approved by Global's compliance team and third party providers.

Secure Technology Partnership with ISBC Holdings

Global's direct working relationship with International Sovereign Bank Corporation (ISBC) gives our clients maximum security and flexibility for their financial assets. ISBC will allow accountholders to hold, send and receive financial value digitally and to ensure the security of those holdings by maintaining a full, legally separated physical reserve for ISBC accountholders.

Assessing Our Financial Network

All of Global's programs are designed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements, establish high levels of trust with enterprise companies and governments and prevent money laundering and software penetration from people trying to take advantage of the systems.


We have independent third-party auditors who complete financial audits and comply with all laws governing as required by the ISBC international bank. The bank will undertake independent security audits at least annually to ensure that any potential vulnerability related to our web network environments are fixed promptly. The bank also uses a combination of internal security professionals and external security firms to conduct testing of our systems several times a year.