Global Payout has been diligent in forming strategic partnerships with key enterprises within the sector of Fintech as a means of broadening and strengthening the services they provide their domestic and international clients with. These partnerships play a significant role in helping to ensure Global Payout remains at the forefront of the development and implementation of class-leading Fintech solutions.


Intradata is a premier software house whose focus is on the development of state of the art solutions for financial industries.Intradata has been providing software platforms for over 14 years and is led by their Chief Executive Officer, Jorge Lezcano who has guided Intradata to develop the most modern and comprehensive banking platform, one that is focused on biometric card processing, mobile payments, ecommerce and international payments. Under Mr. Lezcano' leadership, Intradata has introduced its services in more than 10 countries and it is in the process of expanding it to 30 more. At the same time, Intradata has interfaces with more than 100 banks including all the major ones and it is integrated into all the major payment networks.


Currency Matters Limited was established in 2002 and is a leading foreign currency exchange broker and specialist in international payments and is based in the UK. They are committed to providing a cost efficient and professional currency exchange service to all their clients.

CHECK 21 LLC provides merchants and banks with the gateway technology necessary to capture, verify and submit both ACH and X9.37 files (also known as, "Check 21 files"). Unlike all of its competitors, does not aggregate check transactions. Instead, each customer of is required to open its own individual bank account at the participating financial institutions. To facilitate payments, offers merchants a wide array of solutions, including Virtual Check21, Physical Check Scanning, Mobile Capture and Check Verification options.